Advantages of Leton power silent generator set

As a kind of power generation equipment, silent generator set is widely used in film and television production, municipal engineering, communication room, hotel, building and other places. The noise of silent generator set is generally controlled at about 75 dB, which reduces the impact on the surrounding environment. Because of this advantage, the market share of silent generator set continues to grow, especially in the international market.

Leton power silent generator set is mainly divided into fixed type and mobile type according to structure type.

The power section of the fixed silent generator set is complete. The silent shell box below 500kW is usually made according to the power and engine size, and the standard container above 500kW is usually made. Container unit is the first choice for large-scale power station and field construction!

The power section of mobile silent generator set is usually below 300kW, which has good mobility and is widely used in emergency rescue, municipal engineering, film and television production and other fields. Under normal circumstances, the speed of mobile units should not exceed 15 kilometers per hour, which can also be customized according to overseas customers.

Silent generator sets have high requirements for supporting engines and engines. Generally, high-quality brand power such as Cummins, Perkins and DEUTZ are selected as supporting products. In terms of engine configuration, well-known first-line brand products are mainly selected!

Compared with the open frame generator set, Leton power silent generator set is quieter, more fireproof, more rainproof and moisture-proof, safe and reliable, more perfect in design, more extensive in use, more convenient in handling, etc., which also makes the silent generator set more favored by users and more conducive to market promotion!

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Post time: May-28-2019