Analysis on self switching operation mode of diesel generator set

The automatic switching cabinet (also known as ATS cabinet) in diesel generator set is used for automatic switching between emergency power supply and main power supply. It can automatically switch the load to the generator set after the power failure of main power supply. It is a very important power facility. Today, what leton power wants to introduce to you is the two self switching operation modes of diesel generator set.

1. Module manual operation mode
After turning on the power key, press the “manual” key of the module to start directly. When the set starts successfully and operates normally, at the same time, the automation module also enters the self inspection state, which will automatically enter the speed-up state. After the speed-up is successful, the set will enter the automatic closing and grid connection according to the display of the module.

2. Fully automatic operation mode
Turn on the power key and directly press the “automatic” key, and the set will automatically start to speed up at the same time. When the Hertz meter, frequency meter and water temperature meter display normally, it will automatically switch on and power transmission and grid connection. Set the module in the “automatic” position, the set enters the quasi start state, and the state is automatically detected and judged for a long time through the external switch signal. Once there is a fault or power loss, it will enter the automatic start state immediately. When there is an incoming call, it will automatically switch off, slow down and shut down. After returning to normal, the set will automatically trip and leave the network after 3S confirmation of the system, delay for 3 minutes, stop automatically, and enter the preparation state for the next automatic start.

After listening to the explanation of letoni power on the self switching operation mode of diesel generator set, you can find that the self switching cabinet is actually similar to a dual power automatic switching cabinet. The self switching cabinet and the self starting diesel generator set together constitute an automatic emergency power supply system to ensure the normal operation of the generator set as a whole

Post time: Apr-10-2022