Factors influencing the 50kW diesel generator

Factors influencing the 50kW diesel generator

50kw diesel generator set in operation, fuel consumption is generally related to two factors, one factor is the unit’s own fuel consumption rate, the other factor is the size of the unit load. The following is a detailed introduction by Leton Power for you.

Common users think that diesel gensets of the same make and model will consume more fuel when the load is large, and vice versa.

The actual operation of the genset is at 80% of the load, and the fuel consumption is the lowest. If the load of the diesel genset is 80% of the nominal load, the genset consumes electricity and consumes one litre of oil for five kilowatts on average, i.e. one litre of oil can generate 5 kWh of electricity.

If the load increases, the fuel consumption will increase and the fuel consumption of the diesel genset is proportional to the load.

However, if the load is less than 20%, it will have an impact on the diesel genset, not only the fuel consumption of the genset will increase considerably, but also the genset will be damaged.

In addition, the working environment of the diesel genset, good ventilation environment and timely heat dissipation will also reduce the fuel consumption of the genset. Diesel engine manufacturers, due to the production process of internal combustion engines, technological research and development, application of new technologies and materials of internal combustion engines, are also an important part of determining the fuel consumption of diesel gensets.

Due to the above reasons, if you want to reduce the fuel consumption of 50kw diesel gensets, you can run the unit at approximately 80% of the rated load. Long-term operation at low load consumes more oil and even damages the engine. Therefore, the power generation must be viewed correctly.



Post time: Jul-13-2022