How to maintain diesel generators in winter

Winter is coming and the temperature is falling. Not only do we need to do a good job of keeping ourselves warm, maintaining our diesel generators in winter is also very important.The following sections will introduce some tips for maintaining generators in winter.


1. Cooling water must not be drained prematurely or left undrained

The diesel generator set is running at idle speed before turning off the engine, wait for the coolant temperature to drop below 60 ℃, the water is not hot, then turn off the engine and drain the cooling water. If the cooling water is released prematurely, the diesel generator body will suddenly be attacked by cold air at a higher temperature and will produce a sudden shrinkage and cracks will appear. When the water should be put diesel generator body residual water thoroughly discharged, so as not to freeze and expand, so that the body freezes and cracks.


2. Select the appropriate fuel

Winter reduces the temperature so that the viscosity of diesel fuel becomes poor, the viscosity increases, it is not easy to spray dispersion, resulting in poor atomization, combustion deterioration, resulting in the power of the diesel generator set and economic performance decline. Therefore, winter should be chosen with a low freezing point and good fuel firing performance. The general requirements for the condensation point of the diesel generator set should be lower than the local seasonal minimum temperature of 7 ~ 10 ℃.

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3.  Prohibition of starting diesel generators with an open flame

Diesel generator sets in winter might be difficult to start, but do not use open flame to help start.If the open fire helps start, in the starting process, the impurities in the air will not be filtered directly into the cylinder, so that the piston, cylinder and other parts of abnormal wear and tear will also make the diesel generator set work abnormally, damaging the machine.

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4. Diesel generators need to be fully preheated in winter.

When the diesel generator set started work,some operators can’t wait to put it into operation immediately. Soon after the diesel engine works, due to the low temperature of the body, oil viscosity, oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the movement, causing serious wear of the machine. In addition, the plunger spring, valve spring and injector spring due to “cold brittle” are also easy to break. Therefore, after starting the diesel generator in winter, it should be low to medium speed idling for a few minutes, and the cooling water temperature reaches 60 ℃, and then put into the load operation.

Post time: Jan-17-2023