How to Reduce Environmental Noise Diesel Generator Set

During the working process of diesel generator set, a small amount of waste and solid particles are produced, the main hazard is noise, whose sound value is about 108 dB, which seriously affects people’s normal work and life.
In order to solve this environmental pollution, Leton power has designed and developed an advanced sound insulation system for diesel generators, which can effectively transmit noise out of the engine room.

The muffling and environmental protection project of the generator room must be designed and constructed according to the specific conditions of the engine room. In order to guarantee the normal work of the set, the following aspects must be paid attention to when designing the muffling project of the generator room:

▶ 1. Safety system: No fuel knowledge and phase box, no inflammable and explosive articles and fire fighting equipment shall be set up in the computer room. At the same time, electrical equipment such as parallel cabinet should be isolated from generator room to avoid affecting the service life of electrical components.
▶ 2. Air intake system: Each diesel generator set needs a lot of fresh air when working, so there is enough air intake in the engine room.
▶ 3. Exhaust system: diesel generator set generates a lot of heat when working. In order to make the generator set work normally, the ambient temperature of the engine room must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. For the condition of diesel engine, the ambient temperature of the engine room should be less than 37.8 degrees Celsius, and a part of the heat should be pumped out of the engine room.

Main contents of sound insulation project for generator room:

▶ 1. Sound insulation of access passage in computer room: one or two sound insulation doors are set according to the principle of convenient intake and outflow of generator set and convenient working of computer room personnel. Metal frame with high-quality sound insulation materials is attached, and the thickness is 8cm to 12cm.
▶ 2. Sound insulation of air intake system: muffling groove and sound insulation wall are set on the air intake surface, and forced air intake is adopted to keep fresh air required for normal operation of the set.
▶ 3. Sound insulation of exhaust system. The muffling groove and sound insulation wall are set on the exhaust surface and forced exhaust is adopted to reduce the temperature of generator working environment to a great extent.
▶ 4. Flue muffler system: Install two-stage damper muffler Cryer on the flue pipe outside the computer room to reduce the exhaust noise of the engine without affecting the exhaust emissions.
▶ 5. Sound-absorbing wall and sound-absorbing ceiling. Install suction cup sound material on the temple in the computer room to prevent noise from spreading and rebounding from the roof of the computer room and reduce the decibels of room noise.

Post time: May-06-2021