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What does a LETON power dealer do?
* Take parts of our local market service
* Spare parts center warehouse storing
* Sales Leton power products
* Build local manufacturing factory
How to become a LETON power products dealer?
* Study our products and culture
* Fill in the questionnaire list
* Submit the necessary documents
* Pass the qualified certification
* Take the training courses
* Get the service certification
* Accept our examination and check
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We can give you CKD/SKD business of diesel generators, contact for details.
Diesel generator set is a relatively large unit with complex structure and troublesome maintenance. The following is an introduction to the main components and maintenance methods of diesel generator set for the majority of users.

Main components of diesel generator set:

1. Crankshaft and main bearing
The crankshaft is a long shaft installed in the lower part of the cylinder block. The shaft is equipped with an offset connecting rod journal, that is, the crankshaft crank pin, which is used to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston connecting rod into rotary motion. An oil supply channel is drilled inside the crankshaft to supply lubricating oil to the main bearing and connecting rod bearing. The main bearing supporting the crankshaft in the cylinder block is a sliding bearing.
2. Cylinder block
The cylinder block is the skeleton of an internal combustion engine. All other parts of the diesel engine are installed on the cylinder block by screws or other connection methods. There are many threaded holes in the cylinder block to connect with other components with bolts. There are also holes or supports supporting Quzhou in the cylinder body; Drill holes for supporting camshafts; The cylinder bore that can be fitted into the cylinder liner.
3. Piston, piston ring and connecting rod
The function of the piston and the piston ring installed in its ring groove is to transfer the pressure of fuel and air combustion to the connecting rod connected to the crankshaft. The function of the connecting rod is to connect the piston with the crankshaft. Connecting the piston with the connecting rod is the piston pin, which is usually fully floating (the piston pin is floating to both the piston and the connecting rod).
4. Camshaft and timing gear
In a diesel engine, the camshaft operates the inlet and exhaust valves; In some diesel engines, it can also drive the lubricating oil pump or fuel injection pump. The camshaft is timed by the crankshaft through the timing gear or camshaft gear exposed to the front gear of the crankshaft. This not only drives the camshaft, but also ensures that the valve of the diesel engine can be in an accurate position with the crankshaft and piston.
5. Cylinder head and valve
The main function of the cylinder head is to provide a cover for the cylinder. In addition, the cylinder head is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet to allow air to enter the cylinder and exhaust gas to be discharged. These air passages are opened and closed by driven valves installed in the valve pipe on the cylinder head.
6. Fuel system
According to the load and speed of the diesel engine, the fuel system injects an accurate amount of fuel into the cylinder of the diesel engine at an accurate time.
7. Supercharger
The supercharger is an air pump driven by exhaust gas, which provides pressurized air to the diesel engine. This increase in pressure, called supercharging, improves the efficiency of the diesel engine.