Farm  use diesel generator set Leton power generator sets for agricultureImage

Farm use diesel generator set Leton power generator sets for agriculture

Farm use diesel generator set Leton power generator sets for agriculture

Why LETON power ATS generators can be used as farm power equipment?

With the rapid development of society, animal husbandry farms have gradually developed from traditional breeding scales to mechanized operations, which no longer consume a lot of labor. For example, feed processing equipment, breeding equipment, ventilation equipment, etc. are becoming more and more mechanized and technologically advanced. Therefore, animal husbandry they demand for electricity in farms is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure the life of the animals, it is natural to consider fully automatic generators as backup power supply equipment.

Power generation equipment believes that automatic generators can be used as power supply equipment for farms, mainly using the following as a reference: during the breeding process, the animals need a low-noise living environment, and the power supply should be timely. If the phenomenon of dredging, then the problem of death of the cultured animals will occur due to high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the automatic generator power supply is timely, with high performance and strong stability.

The generator can automatically detect and alarm the voltage of the starting battery, and the generator will automatically delay shutdown under the following conditions: too low, too high water temperature, too low water level, overload, failure to start, and send a corresponding signal; the generator is unmanned. In the case of on-duty, the automatic start and stop of the generator, the automatic switch between the mains and the electromechanical and the automatic monitoring of the generator's operating conditions are automatically completed.

To sum up, the automatic generator has four protections and multiple protection functions, and can digitally display various data of the generator, such as line voltage, line current, output power, power factor, frequency reverse power, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc. Oil machine part: display oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, speed, etc. The GGD cabinet is produced by an automated sheet metal production line. According to the power requirements, the design structure is reasonable. The cabinet is treated with anti-corrosion treatment and can be combined with multiple cabinets. The automatic intelligent control system has two modes: automatic and manual functions. The network system can supply power to the load together with the city network, and the remote service function can also be added.