Factory use diesel generator power supply standby generators setImage

Factory use diesel generator power supply standby generators set

Factory use diesel generator power supply standby generators set

LETON power provides the factory with generator sets with stable operation and excellent performance, and is equipped with ATS cabinet and self starting seamless connection technology to ensure that the generator set automatically starts the emergency power supply in case of mains power failure. Special silencing pipe system in the unit can effectively reduce noise. The base material and anti vibration pad with excellent performance are adopted to reduce vibration and further improve the anti sound effect, which fully meets the needs of the hospital for a quiet environment.

Advantages of Leton power generator set:

1. Select well-known brand engines and generators with high reliability;
2. The main unit can operate continuously with load for 500 hours, the average time between failures of the unit is 2000-3000 hours, and the average time to repair failures is 0.5 hours; the unit can work reliably and output power under the following conditions, and can work continuously for 24 hours in the mode of rated power output (including 10% overload for 1 hour every 12 hours);
3. Intelligent monitoring and parallel grid connection technology realize the seamless connection between generator power and municipal power;
4. Advanced waterproof, dustproof and sand proof design, excellent spraying process and water tank with excellent performance make the unit suitable for extremely harsh environments such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high salt content and high humidity;
5. Customized product design and material selection to meet the needs of different industries and fields;
6. Main and necessary protective devices.

In case of the following faults, the unit will stop automatically and send corresponding signals: low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, unsuccessful start, etc;
The starting mode of the unit is automatic. The unit must be equipped with AMF (automatic mains failure) function and ATS to realize full-automatic start. In case of mains power failure, the unit can be started automatically (there are three continuous automatic starting functions) after the start-up time delay is less than 5 seconds (adjustable). The full negative switching time of mains power / unit is less than 10 seconds, and the time required to fully meet the input load is less than 12 seconds. After the mains power is restored, the unit will operate for 0-300 seconds and shut down automatically (adjustable) after cooling;
The generator set with excellent and stable performance adopts low-noise design and is equipped with plc-5220 control system with AMF function. It is connected with ATS to ensure that once the main power supply of the hospital is powered off, the alternative power supply system must be able to provide power immediately. Stable, low noise, engine power meeting European and American emission standards, AMF function and ATS equipment make it meet the special requirements of the hospital. It is equipped with RS232 or RS485 / 422 communication interface to realize connection with computer, remote monitoring, remote control, remote signaling and telemetry, and achieve full automation and unattended.