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LETON power Mitsubishi engine diesel generator set features:

1. Mitsubishi technology engine lt-sm series diesel generator set Mitsubishi power is equipped with Mitsubishi exhaust turbocharger with good matching performance, power generation system and comprehensive technical support for equipment selection for engines for durable industrial purposes. The basic generator set can be put into operation after a small amount of auxiliary equipment is selected.

2. Price and performance ratio lt-sm series diesel generator set has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption and high output power among similar generator sets, in order to save the operation cost of customers as much as possible. And lt-sm series generator sets are sold to users all over the world at a very reasonable price.

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LETON power Mitsubishi engine diesel generator set features:

Extensive user base, excellent after-sales service and Mitsubishi quality are generally recognized by users. In China and overseas, lt-sm series generator sets have been widely used in large power plants, petroleum, posts and telecommunications, factories, transportation, banks, hotels and other industries to provide different continuous and standby power supplies for various users. Lt-sm series can enjoy the global joint guarantee of Mitsubishi engine and the supply of services and accessories all over the world.

As the core of power generation equipment, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry engine provides power for all kinds of machinery needed in daily life to ensure life. In addition to producing engines with power ranging from 0.7 to 8100 (1.0 - 10858 HP), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also widely covers power generation equipment and other related products, contributing as a partner in daily life.

High reliability - since 1917, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has provided hundreds of thousands of internal combustion engines to customers all over the world. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has 100 years of internal combustion engine manufacturing experience.

Large exhaust volume - Mitsubishi engine has large exhaust volume and strong power, and can apply large power load in one step.

Space saving - the compact fuselage is widely used in mobile power generation of on-board containers to reduce vehicle costs.

Low dynamic and static load - the requirement for floor load strength is low. The floor and roof can be installed after being properly strengthened to reduce the construction cost.

Fast start - the time from receiving the start signal to the establishment of rated voltage frequency can not exceed 10 seconds, so as to reduce the impact of power failure as much as possible, especially in the power supply places of primary and secondary loads.

Low fuel consumption - Mitsubishi's self-produced fuel injector and high-pressure oil pump make the fuel burn fully and save the operation cost.

No fear of high temperature and humidity - optional 50 ℃ ambient temperature level and anti condensation heater for hot and humid areas.

High performance level - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries mgs-cn series generator set is equipped with permanent magnet excitation system, which can calmly deal with ups and other nonlinear loads with high voltage, frequency and waveform requirements.

Easy and flexible operation - the British imported deep-sea intelligent LCD controller includes Chinese and other languages, friendly man-machine interface and a variety of simple and flexible operation modes to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

Single service guarantee - MHI has a perfect after-sales service system, all spare parts are managed by database, and the whole set of generator set is provided with single service guarantee by MHI.

Mitsubishi 1000kW generators set

Mitsubishi 1000kW generators set

Mitsubishi 1000kW generators

Mitsubishi 1000kW generators

LETON power Mitsubishi generator set features:

Engine (Mitsubishi 16r2-ptaw);

Meet the ambient temperature of 40oC, water tank radiator, belt driven, cooling fan, with fan shield;
24V charging generator;

Generator: single bearing generator, IP23 protection grade, H insulation;

Shock absorber;

Dry air filter, double oil filter and oil filter;

Generator output circuit breaker;

Standard control panel;

12V starting battery and battery connecting cable;

One set of starting battery and connecting wire; A set of smoke exhaust elbow, corrugated damping pipe, conical connecting pipe, flange and silencer;

Random use of data;

Application of standby power supply: hospitals, large and medium-sized factories, shopping malls and buildings, restaurants, airports, stations and data center;

Application of main power supply: mine and power station.

Mitsubishi generators set

Mitsubishi generators set

Mitsubishi 1200kW generators set

Mitsubishi 1200kW generators set

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  • Genset No. KVA KW Engine No. of
    Comsuption (L/H) (L×W×H)(mm) Weight (kg)
    KH-5GF 6.25 5 L3E 3L 76/70 0.95 1.65 1050×600×860 280
    KH-8GF 10 8 S3L2 3L 78/92 1.31 2.37 1090×600×875 320
    KH-10GF 12.5 10 S4L2 4L 78/92 1.75 3.29 1150×600×885 350
    KH-16GF 20 16 S4Q2 4L 88/103 2.5 5.1 1250×600×915 420
    KH-24GF 30 24 S4S 4L 94/120 3.31 6.9 1450×600×990 762
    KH-480GF 600 480 S6R-PTA 6L 170/220 24.51 125 3635×1460×1720 4885
    KH-520GF 660 520 S6R2-PTA 6L 170/220 29.96 155.4 3635×1460×1720 5386
    KH-600GF 750 600 S6R2-PTAA 6L 170/220 29.96 174.9 4080×1715×1985 5386
    KH-840GF 1050 840 S12H-PTA 12L 150/175 37.11 241.4 4450×1645×2440 8076
    KH-1000GF 1250 1000 S12R-PTA 12L 170/180 49.03 282.9 4665×1890×2650 9820
    KH-1100GF 1375 1100 S12R-PTA2 12 170/180 49.03 315.5 4700×1890×2895 11670
    KH-1200GF 1500 1200 S12R-PTAA2 12 170/180 49.03 333.8 4920×2192×3056 12800
    KH-1388GF 1735 1388 S16R-PTA 16 170/180 65.37 375.5 5650×2580×3005 13000
    KH-1520GF 1900 1520 S16R-PTA2 16 170/180 65.37 432.1 5650×2580×3005 14400
    KH-1600GF 2000 1600 S16R-PTAA2 16 170/180 65.37 408 5700×2392×3360 16000
    KH-1800GF 2250 1800 S16R2-PTAW 16 170/220 79.9 458.5 6075×2392×3566 16750


    1.Above technical parameters speed is 1500RPM, frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 400 / 230V, power factor 0.8, and 3-phase 4-wire. 60HZ diesel generators can be made according to the specific needs of customers.

    2.Alternator is based on customer needs, you can choose from Qiangsheng (recommend),Shanghai MGTATION, Wuxi Stamford, motor, Leroy somer, Shanghai marathon and other famous brands.

    3.The above parameters are for reference only, subject to change without notice.
    Leton power is a manufacturer specializing in the production of generators, engines and diesel generator sets. It is also an OEM supporting manufacturer of diesel generator sets authorized by Japanese Mitsubishi power. Leton power has a professional sales service department to provide users with one-stop services of design, supply, commissioning and maintenance at any time.