Choose your right hospital power generator

The hospital standby generator set is mainly used to provide power support for the hospital. At present, most of the power supply systems of county-level hospitals use one-way power supply. When the power supply line fails and the power line is overhauled, the power consumption of the hospital can not be effectively guaranteed, which affects the safe treatment of patients, causes hidden dangers of medical safety, and is easy to cause medical correction. With the development of the hospital, the requirements for the quality, continuity and reliability of power supply are higher and higher. Using the automatic input device of standby power supply to ensure the continuity of hospital power supply can effectively prevent the hidden danger of medical safety caused by power failure.

Due to the particularity and importance of the service object, the performance requirements of the unit are also relatively high. Therefore, the selection of hospital standby generator set must meet the following conditions, which are indispensable

1. Quality assurance: because ensuring the continuous power supply of the hospital is related to the life safety of patients, the quality stability of diesel generator set is very critical.

2. Silent environmental protection: hospitals often need to provide a quiet environment for patients to rest. Therefore, it is recommended to consider silent generator sets when the hospital is equipped with diesel generator sets. Noise reduction treatment can also be carried out in the diesel generator set room to meet the requirements of noise environmental protection.

3. Self starting: when the mains power is cut off, the diesel generator set can be started immediately, and the power is automatically switched off with the mains power end, with high sensitivity and good safety; When the mains power calls, the change-over switch will automatically switch to the mains power.

4. One for operation and one for standby: the hospital power generation equipment is recommended to be equipped with two diesel generator sets with the same power, one for operation and one for standby. In case one of them fails, the other standby diesel generator can be started immediately and put into power supply to ensure power supply.

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Post time: Sep-03-2019