Precautions for Long-term none use generator sets

Generator sets, as large and medium-sized power generation equipment, are occasionally used when power failure occurs, so they will not be used for a long time. For long-term good storage of the machine, those matters should be noted:
1. Drain off diesel fuel and lubricating fuel.
2. Remove the dust and fuel on the surface.
3. Heat with 1.2-1.8kg HC-8 machine until foam disappears (i.e. anhydrous fuel). Add 1-1.6 kg to the crankcase and rock the vehicle for several turns so that the fuel splashes onto the surfaces of the moving parts and then drains the fuel.
4. Add a small amount of anhydrous fuel into the intake duct, rocking the car to make it adhere to the top of the piston, the inner wall of the cylinder liner and the valve sealing surface. Set the valve in the closed state so that the cylinder liner is separated from the outside world.
5. Remove valve cover and apply a small amount of anhydrous fuel with brush to rocker arm and other parts.
6. Cover the air filter, exhaust pipe and fuel tank to prevent dust from falling in.
7. The diesel engine should be kept in a well-ventilated, dry and clean place. It is strictly forbidden to store one place with chemicals (such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc.).

Post time: Mar-04-2020